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How to quickly measure your lawn to get an instant on line quotation.

To get an instant estimate to create the perfect lawn from a Nevermo advisor  please provide us with the following simple information and e mail to us at:

1. Firstly let us know whether you want your grass supply only, supplied and installed or a price for both.

2. We need to know whereabouts in the UK you are located.

3. We need to know if you have space outside your home for sands and materials to be delivered. Can we park a van outside your home?

4. Very importantly we need to know about the access to your lawn. How do we get equipment and wheelbarrows to your lawn? If access is through house or other doorways we need to know how wide the openings are. Note: A 4 metre x 10 metre lawn weighs 120kgs and it does not bend in the middle!

5. Please let us know if there is existing turf to remove or about the surface the new grass is to be laid on.

6. When measuring your lawn please supply width x length dimensions. If the lawn is shaped please give us the dimension at its maximum size. Please remember that lawns are woven in 4 metre widths, therefore if your lawn width measures 3 metres wide you will require a 4 metre lawn to replace it. We recommend where at all possible try and design your new lawn to suit the widths of the artificial lawn, this will save you money in buying lawn you cannot fit!

Although not essential it really helps if you could forward a picture or two of the lawn to be replaced or created and of any potential access issues so we can assess them.

Please note that any prices quoted are estimations only and are subject to survey.

The problem of covered grass pitches in stadiums was first addressed in the Houston Astrodome in the United States back in 1965. The stadium had a natural grass field for its incumbent baseball team. Natural grass needs sunlight to thrive which is why the Astrodome was built with a transparent roof. However the glinting of the sun on the roof impeded the players when catching high balls so the roof was painted to solve this problem but then the grass failed to grow as it should. Another solution had to be found………………

Engineers laid the first artificial playing surface of its kind in the summer of 1966 made from nylon fibres.

First generation synthetic grass carpet was introduced to Europe in 1970. This carpet was not made of nylon fibres but from a different synthetic fibre called polypropylene. Not only was it cheaper but it was softer than the nylon version so players were at less risk of injury.

Second generation synthetic grass was developed in the late 1970’s and it had longer tufts that were spaced more widely apart. Sand was spread between the fibres to create sufficient firmness and stability for the players. This generation of turf provided a flatter and more controlled playing surface and was ideal for sports such as hockey. However, as with many new concepts, it took time to become the norm and it was to take ten years before the adoption of artificial pitches really got going. Today there are few hockey clubs that do not have an artificial playing surface. Although some football clubs in the 80’s did try and use this turf it was not suitable and anyone who played on one of these surfaces knows how painful the abrasions were when you slid on it! It was to take until 1996 before a third generation of turf was developed suitable for football.

Third generation synthetic turf has come an awful long way from the original pitch laid at the Astrodome. The grass has longer fibres which are spaced further apart in the carpet and are now made of polyethylene which is soft and kind to the skin. Spread with rubber granule infill and sand they now produce the perfect playing surface for all sports including football and many top clubs now have a version of this pitch installed at their training grounds for all weather purposes.

Residential Use.

Throughout the years of developing these products they have come to the attention of the general public for various reasons ( please see our page on why our customers install an artificial lawn ).
However first and second generation products were never intended for use in domestic environments and those that were installed looked false and unappealing and were often installed by misinformed DIY enthusiasts. Only after the development of the third generation of turf did interest grow as the turf looked just like real grass.

Today the public are becoming far more aware of the massive benefit’s a quality artificial lawn can bring them and what a great value for money home improvement they are. In future years they will be seen as just a valuable addition to the home as the conservatory has been.

A prominent estate agent once commented to us that she felt many homeowners who had decided to rip the lawns from their gardens and replace with low maintenance hard standing of one form or another had unwittingly made their houses much more difficult for her to sell.

We all like the appearance, the colour and the feel of real grass and without doubt the perfect lawn is a huge feature of any home. Furthermore when you assess the size of your lawn and then consider how large an area of your property that is and that it is unusable for much of the year there is only one true solution; quality artificial lawns.

Below are just some of the many reasons our customers have had a Nevermo lawn installed by us; perhaps one or more of these applies to you?

  • Their dog had ruined the lawn.
  • Their children can stay clean whilst playing outdoors.
  • They were fed up of re-turfing year upon year.
  • The grass had died under the trampoline.
  • They were spending too much money on fertilisers and lawn treatment companies.
  • They suffered from hay fever.
  • They were fed up of muddy paw and front prints in the house.
  • They could put their patio set out on the lawn whatever the weather.
  • They turned their hard balcony or roof terrace into a green soft oasis.
  • Trees sapped the water from the lawn.
  • Trees shaded the lawn to the point the grass would not grow.
  • They fitted to their holiday home to reduce maintenance costs and time.
  • They were unable to manage lawn maintenance any longer.
  • They were not prepared to pay the additional local authority charges to collect grass cuttings.
  • They did not want to waste water watering the lawn.
  • They fitted it to a rental property to give the perfect appearance and take the onus of cutting away from the tenant.
  • They were holding a wedding at their home and mounting a marquee on the lawn.
  • They simply wanted to spend their precious time not mowing, weeding, edging, trimming the lawn and collecting the cuttings!

Although to achieve a great looking lawn our company philosophy remains that it needs to be installed by professional installers, with the correct equipment, should you wish to undertake the challenge of laying your own then we are happy to help you.

All of our products are available on a supply only basis. We will provide you with fitting instructions and advice via telephone support should you require it.

Futhermore we can supply all the ancillary items you will need and even conduct a site survey for you if you wish.

Of course if you order a lawn and reflect afterward that it might just be a bit too involved then we can also come and install it for you!

For many of us one important member of our family probably uses the lawn more than we do – our pet!

Obviously dogs are the biggest concern for anybody considering the purchase of an artificial lawn and hopefully we can answer some of your those concerns below. Changing the lawn really does not effect the life of a cat a great deal but, although not scientifically proven, our clients tell us that for some unknown reason cat mess on an artificial lawn has not been a problem where it was before!

Q: How will my dog interact with a Nevermo lawn?

A: Your dog will treat the lawn just as they would real turf. They will play on it, lie on it ( more than a real lawn as it will not be sopping wet ) and do all their business on it just as normal.

Q: Will my dog stain or discolour a Nevermo lawn?

A: No, we guarantee that canine urine and faeces will not harm the lawn any way.

Q: Is it easy to clean any mess off a Nevermo lawn?

A: Yes, just clean off as you would normally and let nature cleanse in the normal course of things. Urine drains through the drainage ports in the lawn so the lawn will not smell either.

Q: Will my dog be able to destroy a Nevermo lawn?

A: No, even the most boisterous of dogs will be unable to dig through, wear a track out or pull the yarn from its backing. It’s totally dog proof!

In truth, just as you will, your pet benefits from the installation of an artificial lawn. He or she can be allowed on the lawn 365 days of the year without fear of mud, killing new turf, digging up grass seed, weed killer and fertiliser use.

If you own a dog we think it’s madness not to have a Nevermo lawn!

Artificial lawns can be installed all year round.

Though many homeowners only to tend to think about their lawns in the spring and summer months there is nothing to prevent a lawn being installed and gaining the benefits of using it in the middle of winter.

The one issue we do have is installing our kiln dried sand in heavy rain, as it clogs both our special equipment and your lawn. We always find solutions to this problem though.

If you are thinking of installing a lawn between November and February ask about our winter discounts.

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